29 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
Good day fellas,

I have this TV in the bedroom. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5295559/Trail/searchtext>BUSH+LCD.htm

Until recently have been watching TV thru sky dish without any problems. box has died so got new ariel wire fed through to bedroom to use the built in freeview.

Cable used for the ariel was the existing sky cable hooked up to tv antenna and connector changed in the bedroom.

Antenna on house is approx 2 years old, engineer said signal was brill, so he only had to fit a splitter not a booster.

Seems that on some channels, mainly the ITV ones, the sound and picture are out of sync, if I do a retune it syncs up, but once TV is turned off & on again its out of sync again.

TV downstairs using the same antenna has no problems at all.

Any suggestions.

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Is it possible to just swap out the 2 tv's,if it works ok downstairs then it must be signal strength issue
Some digital channels do drift out of sync. It happens with Sky as well.
We have several TV’s in our house driven from an amplified splitter in the loft. We have 2 LG’s which never give problems at all apart from when BBC news switches to the regional studio here in Norwich. We have an elderly Hitachi plasma running on a small (concealed) digi box as it never had an inbuilt digital tuner & that can suffer quiet badly; we also have a budget TV in our bedroom & that also can suffer. My PC has a TV card which I run from a Pioneer digi box & that’s always perfect apart from the regional news thing again.

I don’t pretend to understand digital synchronisation at all but my observations from this lot seem to suggest that budget TV’s & cheaper digi boxes are more prone than quality brand name TV’s.
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Audio synch is not related to signal strength. To put it simply: digital TV signals are transmitted as a transport stream of data which is then 'split' by the digital decoder into the audio and video parts, to feed the audio amplifier for the speaker and the screen electronics. There are timestamps in the data stream to keep the audio in synch, and some decoders are better than others.

These data streams are compressed, and it takes the electronics a short time to uncompress the data for driving the screen. This is why digital TV/radio is about a second lagging behind the old analogue signal (for those of us who still have it).

If the decoder is not correctly synchronising audio for a particular channel, it can often be fixed by selecting another channel and then reselecting the channel you want.

The problem also arises with some cheap DVD players.

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