Outside decking

3 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
My main project for 2009 is going to be a deck at the rear of the house with a hot tub(round, deep all wood style). I also plan to build a pergola around the tub using old oak posts if i can get them, semi screen it and run ivy all over it and across the roof beams(ripping off an idea i saw in a courtyard bar in Rhodes a few years back). Anyway, since its mostly wood type people on here does anyone know where i can get a decent deck in a hardwood at a decent discount. I am looking to buy around 100sqm of it so i think that should be enough to justify a discount? I say hardwood as i assume it can be left untreated and will age better than a soft wood deck?

I plan to pin the joists to the house and running away from the house dig out holes and hardcore/cement single breezeblocks in place to act as support pillars. I will use treated softwoods as my joists but want a nice looking deck. I am not going for any balstruades or handrails and the deck is going to be as close to ground level as i can get so we can step off in any part of the deck onto the grass so no steps either.

Anyway if anyone has any contacts who will supply 100sqm of decking at a decent price(i.e we both win) let me know.
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