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16 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Can someone please advise me where i have gone wrong? I have taken the wallpaper off the walls, filled the holes, washed down with sugar soap and rinsed throughly. I did notice some glue residue left on the walls when i was sugar soaping down and washed it well or so i thought. I have looked at the paint and in some places it has lifted, it does look like it could be glue? Shall i sand the bits down, wash and paint again? or should i treat with something? the walls had already been painted before but some of the paint had come off whilst i was taking the wallpaper off.
Many thanks.
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Sounds like a bit of a mess Diane.

My advice would be to line the walls instead, but that depends on your papering ability of course.

You could try scraping off the dodgy bits washing them again and then painting over them but if its severe they may need filling lightly first and by the time you have done all that the wall could be covered in scars..again the need to line the walls is justified.

Whenever I am in the sam situation I advise the customer to have the walls lined...cost wise there is barely anything in it given the time it takes to wash and scrub the paste residue off

Youl end up with an even and uniform surface...
My wallpapering skills are not that good, so am going to try scrapping the bad bits off. They are only small bits that have lifted here and there. I used white matt Crown paint as the first coat and then magnolia Crown matt again over the top, and it needs another coat as it was green walls originally. When you say scrap the walls and then wash them do you mean with sugar soap again? Thanks again, Diane
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No, just stirred it and put the 1 coat of white and 1 of magnolia. It looks like the walls had been painted with silk previously but there is lots of bit here and there missing which came off with the wallpaper.
That could be a part of the problem then...where the silk has come off exposing bear pleast...the paint you put on may have been too thick.

Can you get a picture up on here?
No, sorry don't know how to put pictures on here! Do you think i should of watered down the first coat then? If so, i have done it wrong. I just stirred the paint as per instructions on side of tub. Shall i try scrapping the flaky bits off, washing with sugar soap and painting again? I wish i could afford to have the walls skimmed, but haven't got the money to do so. Help!
The bare bits should have had a thinner coat on them just keep scraping of the worst stuff touching it and re painting...use a roller becuase it will create a 'texture' and help mask irregularities on the surface

There are so many reasons why paint flakes this problem may not be down to you completly..thepaint undernearth could be blowing from the surface does happen quite a lot when your stripping paper.
Thanks for all your advise, will try rubbing down and repainting.
Many thanks Diane

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