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14 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi there.

About to start decoarating our new house. We have moved to an old Victorian place, so decorating will not be the same as slapping on paint onto the walls.

We are going to strip the wallpaper that is already on. We have started this and have noticed that the plaster is of bad quality. What is best to sand the walls with - a machine sander or by hand?

We want to paint the walls however don't want to lay anagypta wallpaper, we want plain paper. Does the finish when painting on lining paper come out the same as if you were painting over say anagylpta (we will be using Matt paint) (we have bought 1200 lining paper (or something like that).

Any help anyone can give this novice decorator would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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I would sand the walls by hand...the heat generated with a power sander can sometimes pull more paint wont need the walls to be babys bum' standard if you going to line them.

Rub em down with aluminum oxide paper (the green stuff) buy a couple of grades...p40 for the rough stuff and p80 for general use.

As for perosnally go for a 800 or thousand grade paper..1200+ can leave a bit of a texture.

Do your best to avoid isnt the easiet paper for a novice to hang.

Tske you time and ask as many questions as you want.
thanks man - appreciate that.

When you say 1200 has a bit of a texture - I take it you mean on the paper?

Also, someone has told me that you will see the joins. We are not papering over this, we are just gonna roller the lining paper.

Are there any tips for doing this, and also, if you can see the joins, how can you get around this so it looks smooth?

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yep..i did mean the surface of the paper can have a bumpby look to it.

You shouldnt see the joint if you butt the paper up properly...although if your a little unsure its better to leave a tiny tiny gap than have an overlap.

You can always fill it afterwards..paint the first coat on the any filling to need to do...rub it down and touch it up with a roller then do the final coat.

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