painting new plastered house

4 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
ive had the whole house skimmed. when i paint the ceilings can i just use contract matt emulsion paint to do the job from wickes?? or would i be better of going for a brand such as dulux or crown??
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Branded paint is always better, it goes further and coveres better

But Wickes stuff is ok...if times on your side use that, it will probably work out a bit cheaper.
guys ive bought crown matt emulsion(white) as my mist coat, which i will dilute by 20%
ive then bought dulux rich matt(white) for my second and third coat on the ceilings. would dulux rich matt be ok to use after applying the matt emulsion by crown??????
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Theres been a lot of debate about using rich matt on far as I know it shouldnt be used as a mist coat..( I know your not) but for similar reasons it might be dodgy applying it over a mist coat because if its a non vinyl one you may have problems with it absorbing.

Also its not a good diea to mix an match brands..if you have grief neither will take responsibility.

Im sorry I cant say something more like to say 'yeh crack on no problem..but that may not be the best advice I can offer

Maybe some of the other chaps and chapess's on here have got an opinion.

Failing that ring the manufacturers help line..the only problem you might have though is one of them saying they cant gaurentee it because the product on top or below is not theres

What is the crown matt?..vinyl on non (is it called 'covermatt' by any chance?)
the crown matt is called 'crown matt emulsion, brilliant white' i was going to use this as my mist coat, followed by 2 coats of dulux rich matt.
i just wanted to know if this would be ok? is the dulux rich matt vinyl or non vinyl??
In that case I reckon its a vinyl should be safe..thin it by about 30%

After its dry give the wall a light rub down with some 100 grade abrasive paper and do any filling you need..
Touch up the filler with some of your thinned mist coat then do two coats of the rich matt.

Rich matt is a vinyl matt

(you can stop huffinf and puffing and cursing me now! lol)
cheers zampa
after my mist coat should i be using the dulux rich matt if its a vinyl ?? or wud i be better of with a non vinyl. my understanding of the rich matt is that it will hide imperfections better, tho i may be wrong...
Any matt will hide imperfections more than silk and soft sheen..and rich matt wont do it any better

Using a non vinyl matt wont have any advantages apart from being cheaper as the first coat is vinyl anyway

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