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Painting or papering old board and batten panelling

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by old man river, 25 Oct 2020.

  1. old man river

    old man river

    25 Oct 2020
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    United Kingdom

    We have recently bought a new house around 100 years old. It has old (original?) board and batten panelling in the quite dark hall stairs and landing. The previous owner put embossed paper over the central boards of the panelling and had caused them to discolour and causing the grain to raise so they must either be repapered or painted. I am planning to prime the central boards and paint them but am not sure whether to use lining paper or simply prime them (Zinsser B I N?). However a couple of weeks ago on a George Clark episode he had something similar and simply wall papered them (which I was not convinced by).

    Help would be appreciated on

    a) Use decorative wallpaper or paint?

    b) Prime boards or lining paper before painting

    c) Type of paint to use. Matt emulsion? Soft Sheen? Silk?

    d) Is Zinsser B I N appropriate to use here. I don't want to use water based primer and need stain inhibitor but I believe Zinsser is very quick drying (I have approx 18 sq m to paint!!)

    Many thanks for any assistance in advance.
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  3. Wayners


    24 Oct 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Might be better with coverstain vs bin

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