Painting Over Silk With Matt

5 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
I took the advice of you lot on this forum about Silk Emulsion as I noticed every imperfection on the walls so after 3 coats of Silk I still had to rub down slight groves and thought to hell with this.

My question is, I have purchased the same colour of paint and same brand (Dulux) only in Matt will it work painting over the Silk with MAtt or will it look worse?
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Matt will always help hide a bad surface..but you might have a problem with the matt crazing / crocodiling over the silk

Two ways around spend ages rubbing it ALL down with fine abrasive paper

Two give it a coat of soft sheen first then Matt
Bosso,soft sheen is a type of paint that is mid-way between a vinyl silk and a matt.If used over a vinyl silk it stops it cracking,you can then over paint with your matt paint.Hope this helps.
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One other question guys, I have 12L of Dulux Rich Matt (White) that I need to use and I was wondering can this be waterered down for the mist coat and the second coat then finished with the final color? Or would I best getting the trade paint?

What's your suggestions?

Apparently rich matt isnt designed to be used as a mist coat..I wouldnt risk it.
Ok Zampa, I'll take your word for it, thanks again mate for all the help ;)
Was talking to the guy in the painting dept of b&q today. Asked where the sheen was and asked what did I need it for etc....

He was an older man and therefore in some weird way earned my trust. He explained that sheen wouldn't do the job I needed to lightly rub the walls down simply to remove the shine from the silk then fire away with the matt.

What do you think, is a light rub down enough? It is only a small hall around 7' x 4' approx. I have already rubbed a bit of it down as the silf showed up way too many imperfections for my liking. The parts I have rubbed down I covered with Smoothover.

What to do eh? Rub or sheen?
Rub it down, dust it off, apply your not thin it, (otherwise you're asking for trouble with it skidding off).
If you rub it down correctly you should have no probs.

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