Painting Vinyl Matt Onto Vinyl Silk

17 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom

I would like to paint my ceiling with Dulux Vinyl Matt, presently there is a Vinyl Silk finish painted some 7 years ago. I have read that this may cause some problems with regards to crazing etc.

The ceiling has a anaglypta paper so I cannot abrade the surface without ruining the patterned paper.

I would like to change the finish from silk to matt... any advice would be appreciated!!!

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Give it a 'bridging' coat of either soft sheen or acrylic undecoat first.

Thanks for the reply.

Are the Dulux Trade paints the best to use for this and do I need to thin the paint first?

Thanks again...
Any soft sheen will do..if your painting the ceiling white just buy a can from your local diy shop

You wont need to thin it down...thinning is normally only needed when you

1..need the coating to penetrate a surface in order to help it lock on to it

2... the paints to thick and you cant apply it properly

3 you want to make it go further..normally at the expense of the covering power, which may result in you have to give the surface another coat
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Thanks once again for your reply.

The ceiling will be painted white, I will use the soft sheen for some walls as well which are painted in Vinyl Silk.

If I go down the route of Dulux Trade vinyl soft sheen will it require thinning & will the finish coat of the Dulux Trade vinyl matt requiring thinning as well?

Im not sure dulux do a trade softsheen..probably do...

But i would get a can from b an q it will probably be cheaper too

The dulux vinyl matt will almost certainly need thinning,
Got a Dulux Decorators Centre not too far away, their website shows they do a trade soft sheen.

Used B&Q paint before and acheived a poor finish, coverage was not good.

I know its more expensive bit I would prefer to use the dulux trade products.

If I use the trade sheen as a 'bridging' paint for the ceiling what is the ratio for thinning?

Then what ratio thinning will the trade matt require for the ceiling?

Also, as mentioned will use the soft sheen for walls as well, will it require thinning as well?

Thanks for all your help!!! :) say only by about 15 %..

Probably about the same for the walls..if it 'pulls' put a drop more in it.
Or you could use a thinned down coat of oil based undercoat. Then recoat in emulsion. Would get rid of any stains that way.

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