Patch’s on newly plastered ceiling

1 Feb 2022
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United Kingdom
I have a newly boarded and plastered Ceiling. (Done a few months back.) I have painted the ceiling in total, six times but I can’t get rid of the patches you in the image.

It has had:
Mist coat
2 coats of white paint
2 coats of Zinnser 123 stain blocker on the patch you see.
2 coats of dulex perfect Matt.

It’s driving me insane and I want my front room back. Any help would be much great.


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When you emulsion over a stainblock, you often can still see the stainblock patch for a few days or even a week - because the emulsion can't soak into the stainblock in the same manner that it soaks into older emulsion or plaster.

Presumably you used the stainblock to cover either a stain or some patchy emulsion work.

What was it like before the stainblock went on? Was the patch a different 'shape'?

Needless to say, it's going to be very annoying if you can still see that patch after a week or so, and it looks like it's there to stay.

I suppose at that point you have to start considering your next move, which hopefully won't be as extreme as stainblocking the whole ceiling or something as depressing as that.

Has the 'pattern' of the patch changed shape during all the various coats?
Hi Spark

I have answered you questions below.

What was it like before the stainblock went on?
See attached picture that I took before I put the stain block on.
Was the patch a different 'shape'?
I’m not sure but possibly, I have potential made it worse.

Has the 'pattern' of the patch changed shape during all the various coats?
I have added a picture of before and after. Including the Zinnser coat.
I don’t think the main pattern has but again I might have it worse.


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I have never heard of Dulux perfect matt- I have heard of Johnstones Perfect Matt though.

Can you confirm which paints you used and how thin your mist coat was?

Whilst not wanting to offend you, I think that you might be rolling the paint too thinly. I use Purdy Colossus sleeves for emulsion and make sure that the roller is well loaded. (Note: annoyingly, you need to wash the sleeves before using them because they shed fluff- never used to but they do now).

If you are willing to pay a premium for an extremely matt finish, I would recommend the Dulux Trade Ultra matt. It is about £77 for 10L but you can touch it in without any visible "halo" effect (read: you cannot see where it has been touched in). They market it as having anti light reflective qualities. Similar products are made by other manufacturers but I haven't used them.

You will not find it in the DIY sheds but it can be purchased online or from any Dulux Decorator Centre, they offer free delivery for purchases over £50.

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