Patio Door Install.. height from DPC and flush with ext wall?

26 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All,
I could do with your knowledge, experience and advice please.

I expect the pics will tell all, maybe skip the words,... sorry, hard to be brief!

Quote was to remove old bay window (and arisings) and install 1890x2400 Patio Doors, making good in and out. Firm is owner-installer, with no.2-assistant. They come recommended.

See pics of knackered bay windows with knackered flat roof (hence tarps)

Pre works;Discussed finish at top-where (presumed) lintel meets door. I asked re drip line/shedding water/bellcast option; what they would do etc? Installer said it was not possible to state what installation would feature or require given that this area was hidden by my yellow tarp mess and flat roof. Fair enough... but the matter of bellcast and getting water off/over door was acknowledged.

Frame is installed onto DPC over one course of bricks and air bricks. See pics showing resulting height inside and out.
It was also installed as pics almost flush to ext course of bricks.

They put no fixings into top of frame, at all, said they don't like to fixing into lintel. I noticed no.2 was putting mortar into the approx 10mm gap between top of frame and bottom of lintel. I asked about how they were planning to finish off.

Installer said 'as is', including leaving the flashband strip about 5" above lintel! They did not know the flashband was there, so fair enough it wasn't in price to remove it. They suggested I paint over it!!

I said I was concerned that with no fixings to head, the 1890 span would surely flex, crack the mortar, and lead to ingress. Also that flashband remains would look crap and 'suggest' to others that the door leaked already! I also asked why there was no bellcast to clear water over the frame-lintel join.

He said they'd "talked about it", and thought they'd "see what it looked like".....?

So! Bellcast is being fitted within price. For an extra few quid no.2 has cut out the band of render that the flashband was stuck to. This to be merged with bellcast. Though this he did freehand (not off a baton) so it line wanders- looks rough!

I asked why the frame was set flush with render. They said they 'had to', in order to get sill at base to over shoot bottom course of bricks, by 50mm?

Finally, the frame and doors are about 10mm off vertical. It is visibly not plumb. Oddly the fanlight at top is level??? I checked my spirit level!

After they left, having given me the invoice, I noticed the gaps around the air bricks.... They are still due back tomorrow to finish bellcast...

-I have only ever seen patio doors set some way inside the reveal. Is their installation sound? They would have to had fixed new angle bead and make a new corner if setting frame inboard more, but as-is it looks rough and surely will leak when thin strip of mortar cracks and fails, either side of frame. It looks like all movement of the door will work to eject adjoining render....

-As they are Fensa Reg, would FENSA be interested/helpful?

-Are there tolerances re fix of door being not plumb, that I can refer to? A 'standard'?

-What would you do? Please!

I do not trust the installation, but do not know if they can install these things any way they like?

Many thanks for any readers, advisers etc!

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