Petrol/Diesel ban from 2040

2 driverless cars going down a narrow road. Which one gives way to the other or do they both stop? Will one be politer and let the other come through?
The Win10 version will give way to the Linux OS driven one. (assuming the Win10 version hasn't already crashed) :p:p
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I look forward to driverless cars and electric cars. Less fuel, less power, less speed and drive control computers that are not programmed to be egomaniac nutters.
A young girl in my locality was mown down and killed last year whilst out jogging by an un licenced, uninsured teenage maniac whilst undertaking a vehicle racing another maniac.
Both are up in court shortly.

that is terrible , i hope they get put away, but some how i doubt it.

talking about safety, i have had electric cars, pass me ,and i did not hear it.
Driverless cars:

No licence required?
Minimum age restriction on using / owning one?
If they need insurance at all, will it be at a flat rate? No premium for young or inexperienced "drivers", for example......
There'd be no point in having a GT , RS or M Power version as they'd be programmed never to exceed the speed limits.
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Because the deaf expect to not hear oncoming cars, so accommodate that, whereas those who can hear, sometimes rely on hearing alone?
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