Photos of my CU. to be replace.

14 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom

Here is my photos of my CU.

Any comments?

Be aware the incomer used to be come from overhead poles (TT) and now buried underground. So it is still a TT? I still have a earth rod outside.

As earlier topic I've posted about cooker and rewire, it time for it to be replaced as I discovered plaster is coming off the wall along with the old CU and saw 2 x 2.5mm T + E coming in from cavity wall for downstair ring main, as I cannot have that as I am having cavity wall insulation done and they wouldn't do that as the cables is inside cavity wall.

So I have to rewire downstair ringmain and do upstair as well as they are the same make (fitted in 1970).
Lighting is fine (Replaced in 1986)
Shower is fine (3 years olds)
Cooker might have to be replace as part of cable is also in cavity wall.
Create 2 new circuits for central heating and imm. heater.
Separated garage power from downstair ringmain onto a new MCB.
Replaster the wall and fit new board.
The BCO has been informed and they are sending a form pack. My mate is a electrican and he is staying over for the weekend sometime in a few weeks.

Again, any comment?

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Post a pic of the meter and service head adjacent. We can then give you a clear idea of the earthing type.
If you're rewiring a few of the circuits then you will almost certainly be replacing that CU. The existing RCD is 30mA, but will be made redundant as you will have to fit a CU which complies with 17th ed., i.e. with individual RCBOs or a dual/split RCD board.

Whether your supply is TT or TN won't affect this, unless you have any circuits which aren't going to need 30mA RCD protection . It will be easier to give all circuits 30mA RCD protection than mess around with 100mA v 30mA combinations.
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I would just like to point out, is that a 40/45 Amp MCB (green button) in the Wylex consumer unit?

If so then some improvements do need to be made since the fuseways in these Wylex boards are only designed for a maximum of 30 Amp.

If you do you can find some pictures of burnt/overheated Wylex boards on these forums been damaged this way.

I am not trying to alarm you in any way but I thought it would be best to point this out.


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