Pipes Clicking and Banging

30 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a Worcester combi boiler system which has been in for many years! Whenever the heating comes on the pipes start to bang instantly for about 10 minutes, this settles down and then the pipes contsantly click.

However the pipes do not bang or click when the system is cooling down. I used fernox boiler silencer which made the system quiet but only for a few days.

The system used to be silent, and only really started to make noise after the summer when we started using the heating again, the noise has got progressively worse!

Any help or advice would be appreciated
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Pipework clicking under a wooden floor usually means some numpty has put a couple of nail on pipe clips to secure the pipes to the joists. When the pipe has very hot ch water going through it , it expands a little and strugggles because it has been secured unnecessarily. I usually put a strip of visqueen between the pipe and the joist to help it slide and this stops any noise due to expansion and contraction. But if you say you never used to have this problem it could be sludge in the system and needs flushing through. :confused:
As its a new problem it sounds like a flow problem

Could be any number of things but most likely sludge :(

If sludge suspected, it might be worth getting some Kamco Hyperflush or Sentinel (x400?)please correct me if wrong!

Put it in the system and run for a week then drain heating to clear out the crud

Dont forget to put inhibitor,sentinell X100 or similar back in to stop further corrosion

Failing that a powerflush £££!
Thanks for your help, When i put the fernox in the radiator, the water was quite murky and had a strong metalic smell, would this confirm sludge!
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When you say the water is murky, is it a rusty colour, or more a black colour..rusty colour usually points towards sludge as others have said..

Also you may have got some air in the system which could also cause the pipes to bang..
Motorway or BMW? ;)

WHAT IS your boiler, they vary!
The noise is most likely to be scale in theboiler. You can try a boiler descaler, or a boiler silence, (they're different)

If your water is murky you do have sludge.
Cheap and usually effective on the system, though less so on the baked-on stuff in the boiler, would be to put in a cleaner like Sentinel X400, leave it for SEVERAL weeks, like 6, then do a mains flush - see faq.

Then a boiler treatment if necessary, following the instructions, then an inhibitor such as Sentinel X100
The boiler is a worcester 240 combi.

The water in the radiators is a black murky colour, not rusty, I think what I am going to do is add one of the above mentioned chemicals leave it for a few weeks and then empty and refill the system.

what would be better, Sentinel x400 or fernox system restorer, or do they both do exactly the same thing?

Ive already tried the boiler silencer, which was affective but only for a few days.

Many Thanks
Rusty water would indicate a leak not sludge unless on a newish system.coz its constantly filling the f and e tank
Grey/black would be sludge

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