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13 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom
Veritas alarm panel which seems to have been installed incorrectly.
The front door has no magnetic contact, a pir triggers the alarm.
So when they come in the alarm goes off after 3 seconds.

as I understand it a door contact is what is needed which would be set to entry exit and the pir to inhibit.
The door opening would start the entry and give 30 seconds or so to input code. Pir does not go off as inhibited.
Since no entry via a contact the pir triggers straight away even if set to inhibit

So my questions are do you set the pir as the entry exit?

Are pir generally wired to their own zone, or could several be wired to one zone, if so I guess all pirs would be disabled for the 30 seconds .

Adding a door contact would be best but unlikely to happen, so what's the best work around for this setup
Many thanks
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You are correct. A door contact should be installed rather than programming the PIR to entry exit.

Incidentally, it can be easier to wire a door contact to the lower side of a door, rather than the traditional position at the top. Cable routing can be easier.
Incidentally, it can be easier to wire a door contact to the lower side of a door, rather than the traditional position at the top. Cable routing can be easier.
traditional, traditional? 90%, if not more, I would suggest of all I have ever fitted or seen fitted by others have been at the bottom.

The first I ever fitted, cough cough, years ago was at the bottom.
But for surface mounted contacts, best to fit at the top if possible. Less prone to being damaged/knocked by hoovers Etc.

For timber frame bungalows, the top fit can be done very neatly by using a long 400mm x 8mm auger bit to drill up through the door frame, through the kit plate and into the roof space. No wires in sight at all. A little harder with traditional builds.
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The top area generally stays a lot cleaner over the longer term too.
The Veritas as with most panels are set with zone 1 as e/e, zone two as a walk through (inhibited entry), zones 3-8 guard (instant alarm).

At default the Veritas is on a timed exit, so using a PIR for the entry/exit zone wouldn't be a problem in its self.

In general e/e should be contacts, if using pirs you have to consider how the system is programmed. (should be a timed exit ).

Ideally you shouldn't have 1 zone and that being on the e/e, as the time taken for the external alarm to go off, will be delayed (exactly how long will depend on the programing)

The way you make it sound as there is a single PIR on the system and you walk through the door and within 3 seconds the alarm is going off?

So your current system is probably setup incorrectly.
Between entering the door and getting to the keypad, there is just the one pir?

if thats the case the zone can be put to entry exit, that will start the entry when you walk in, after its timed out the internal will ring for about 30 seconds and then the external will ring after that (thats 1 minute or so from entry to the external alarm going off), depending on your timers etc. But you should look at more devices.

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