28 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom

i have got to chase out a concrete wall and put the cables into it that lead from my tv that is hung on the wall. when i have chased out the concrete and put in the trunking (do i use metal or plastic?) will i have to use bonding plaster to plaster over the chase then 2 coats of multi-finish over the whole wall.

is that correct

first time doing this

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I always use steel capping over cable for the simple reason it’s difficult to drill through with a standard masonry drill bit so if someone gets busy drilling holes, they will at least get some warning when drilling gets difficult; it could save the cables beneath. Use bonding to fill the chase out flush if you’re skimming the whole wall; if the bonding has dried out, PVA seal it the day before PVA & skim otherwise the skim will go off too quick over the chase.

Can you plaster?
thanks for the advise

yes i can plaster but i have never used bonding plaster. do i use it the same as multi-finish as far as pva the walls and 2 coats . ???????

cheers :confused:
Bonding is primarily for low suction backgrounds so you will need to PVA any exposed block work but try & keep it off the capping; in reality it’s such a small area it shouldn’t make any difference, just mist wet it down a little if it starts cracking at the joins, Once dry apply some reinforcing tape down the joins to avoid the risk of cracking, PVA seal the Bonding the day before or it'll such the life out of the Multi & it will start to ridge over the area of the chase. PVA & skim over the whole wall in the normal way.
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if i dont use bonding plaster over the metal caseing then does multi-finish go over it then??? a little confused :confused: do i just fill the gaps and not the hole chase with the bonding plaster???
Sorry I think I may have misunderstood you. In my previous post I thought you were re-skimming the whole wall afterwards. If your just blending in with the surrounding plaster, PVA the same as for skimming & use bonding over the whole chase & capping but leave it about 2-3mm lower than the surrounding wall; once it’s gone off, mix up a little finishing plaster, skim out & blend in with the surrounding wall. If you do it as soon as the bonding has gone off you don’t need to PVA, just skim straight over the top. If you let the Bonding dry out you will have to PVA seal as I explained before.

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