plastering a whole house & drains

5 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom
I have bought a house -approx. 1900c - old station masters detached house. Very thick walls (at least a foot thick). It was empty for 3 years and was covered in the 1960 fake wooden panelling and velour wall paper on ceiling /doors etc. A hermit lived in it so nothing was repaired/new.YES I bought it...................I have spend a weekend removing the panelling and 1000's of small battening bits nailed into the walls. Now discovered behind is in a right state - as suspected.
Some is brick, some concrete some wattle & dorb( ie straw in a light ,limey muck) .The outside of the house is all brick and the surveyor (full structural survey) said in good order

So do I remove all of the old crumbling, some damp plaster and ceilings (looks like wooden ruler size bits and flakey plaster)? and have it all plastered, or do I plasterboard and get it skimmed? I am prepared to get dirty to reduce the cost.

The house is not big really - looks big from outside, but small rooms inside. What price should I be expecting to receive when asking for quotes for this work? My friend had her 3 bedroom terrace boarded and skimmed recently and it was £5k - I am really hoping its not this much.
I need to have it rewired and plumbed - no usable kitchen just a sink on a table plumbed to an outside drain. Do I get the rewire done before plastering.
Basically what i'm asking is what order do I do things - a whole gut and re-do and an idea of cost to replaster.
I will have to have the outside drains totally redone too because they don't soak away anymore (not on mains drains). I'm assuming this should be done 1st, that way I can plumb straight into - any idea of cost too

cheers - a big ask I know
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