Plastering/Skiming or Plaster Board Covering

7 May 2011
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United Kingdom
Help I need some advice please!

We live in an OPEN PLAN flat. Many years ago when our new kitchen was installed, the artex ceiling was plastered over.

We now want to get the dining/living room area plastered/skimmed to match the kitchen ceiling. However, we just had a quote from a tradesman who suggested using plaster board to cover the dining/living room ceiling.

My question is this. Where the two parts of the ceiling meet, if one part was plastered/skimmed and the other part had plasterboard on it, would one part of the ceiling look lower than the other part?

I am not sure why the guy suggested plaster board to cover the artex dining/living room area, which has a couple of long veins running though it, but I am concerned that using two different methods of ceiling covering would make the dining/living room ceiling appear to look lower than the kitchen ceiling.

Please advise.

Thank you.
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of course it will look lower but not by that much, is the dining room /living room ceiling seperated by any beams from the kitchen ceiling? if the 2 ceilings are seperated then it wont stick out like a sore thumb if thats what your worried about, whats up with the old ceiling why cant that be skimmed? upload some pics if you can
Sorry but I do not have a mobile phone/digital camera, so cannot send a photograph of our ceiling.

There is a modern wooden beam dividing up the kitchen ceiling from the dining area cealing and another bit of wood dividing the dining area ceiling from the living room area ceiling. As long as one part of the ceiling does not look lower than the other parts; that was my main concern.

I just got a quote from a builder and he now refers to "allowing for 2 coat plaster skim finish", so this does not sound like using plaster board, which he told me about????? Or does it??? I had asked about plastering and skimming and he talked to us about using plaster board. So now I am utterly confused and do not know which way to turn.

Help. Thanks.
if the quote says skim and says nothing about plasterboard then it looks like hes quoted you for skimming it , it doesent sound profesional to me telling you to plasterboard it and then only putting skim on your quote, whats up with the old ceiling has it got lots of cracks in it? is it sagging ? whats making him want to overboard it? if it was overboarded it wouldent look out of place but i wouldent get a quote for a skim job off a builder i would go to a plasterer, i know a few builders and they havent a clue when it come to plastering
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Thanks. I am getting more concerned about this fellow. In addition, he gave me an estimate and not a quote, which is useless, as with estimates, there could be some nasty surprises added on. I suppose he could not give me a proper quote, since he did not measure the room for the room lining paper he said he would provide. If he was sloppy in this respect, I wonder what he work will be like.

Your assistance confirms my doubts. Once again, many thanks.

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