please help me put together a texecom system

18 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
i need help with getting the right bits of texecom kit.

rundown of what i need:

downstairs: 6 pirs + 2 door contact sensors + 2 window impact/shock sensors.

i'd like the 6 pirs to be hardwired.

upstairs: 3 pirs + 1 window impact/shock sensor.

these pirs can be hardwired or wireless.

then bell + dummy box + comms unit and anything else i can't think of!

in terms of texecom "areas", i'd probably go for 4: upstairs, downstairs, front, back.

so, from the little i know, i need the texecom Premier Elite 48 control panel as it has 4 areas, right?

the pirs: do i get the AMQD? can they be hardwired?

in terms of expanders, i'd probably need the Premier Elite 8XP?

power supply: do i get the PSU200 or Premier Elite PSU200XP or both?

keypads: any of the Premier LCD and its variants will do, right?

i can't find the right information on texecom's website.
so, please tell me which bits of kit to get to fit my needs.

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Your wanting to play with Texe Premier stuff but can't work out yourself what kit you need. Oh dear....

Premier's aren't easy and take some time to get your head round. I've found plenty of information on Texecom's website

please tell me which bits of kit to get to fit my needs
How do we know, never seen your home before, one person's opinion may vary from the next
first thing i want to know is whether texecom's AMQD pirs can be hardwired or not.

where do i find this info on texecom's site?

i've looked and looked for manuals and other reference material but simply cannot find it.

could someone please point me to where i can view/download the info?

i can't download the installation instructions as i'm not registered as an installer with texecom.

and i'm just a normal joe and shouldn't register myself as an installer?

so maybe a chicken & egg situation?
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i thought i was quite clear with my needs.

for example, i said i wanted 6 pirs downstairs and they had to be hard wired to the control panel. i'd also like them to be quad pirs.

so, will the AMQDs be fit for purpose or do i need some other piece of texecom kit?
sparkymarka, not trying to start a flame war with you or anyone else. all i'm after is information.

hence i repeat, where/how can i find out if AMQDs are hardwired or not?

i don't want to deviate from that question.

ok, thank you for that (i mean it sincerely :D ).

i can now order the minimum spec i think i need and build from there.

again, thank you.
sorry, forgot to ask: how/where did you find the info that AMQDs are hardwired?
didn't need to fit them for a living, you don't need them, buy either QD s or TQs you don't need a xp200 expander either xp8 will be fine with 10 pirs on the system invest in a 17ah battery instead for the control panel
in terms of texecom "areas", i'd probably go for 4: upstairs, downstairs, front, back.

so, from the little i know, i need the texecom Premier Elite 48 control panel as it has 4 areas, right?
Yes, the 48 has 4 areas but why do you want 4 areas on a domestic install? When would you want to set the front of the house separately from the back? If you want to set only the downstairs when you are in bed this can be done with a part set it doesn't need to be a separate area.
as above use part sets much better unless you have a detached building where an area set will work better.
i agree with you both (pcaouolte & sparkymarka)... well mostly. hee hee

upstairs & downstairs: yup, everyone gets that.

now for the front & back bit.
i live in a semi which has a side extension.
i do a lot of gardening and will only use the side extension and garden area.

hence i would like the "front" area alarmed at these times.
"front" meaning downstairs living room and front door.

then, say, at night when i'm in the front living room watching tv, i'd like the "back" (side extension) alarmed.

i do not live in an overly burgled area. i am not overly frightened.
just thought getting an extra couple of areas gives me more flexibility.

ps. it is entirely possible that i've misunderstood texecom's "zones" and "areas". if so, please pass on any knowledge you have. thanks.
You get a full set and 3 part sets. Use one part set for downstairs only, another part set for front only and the third part set for back only.

Zones = detection circuits (48 zones on a Prem 48 ) preferably only one detector per zone.

Area = Distinct area with its own timers, arming modes and options. Often used to make one alarm panel work like two or more separate panels. Could be used if you had two or more buildings that were armed or disarmed separately, like an office/workshop in the garden with it's own keypad which could be operated independently of the house.

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