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Plug and Play Hot Tub blows fuses.

Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by NewMarskeMike, 3 May 2021.

  1. NewMarskeMike


    21 Feb 2017
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    United Kingdom
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    008ED8E2-6E8C-4A9E-8931-5C2E3D95792C.jpeg Hi,

    We had a Hot Tub installed last November. This is a plug and play type which plugs into to a 3 pin 13A socket. The tub also has the facilities to run on a 32A circuit,

    Since we got it, it’s been blow fuses and damaging the outdoor sockets. At first it went for a couple of weeks then started blowing fuses. The company came out and told me it might be an issue with the cable. By this time the fuse part of the plug was burn. They changed the cable. Incidentally it has a moulded plug. Again after a few weeks it started blowing fuses. They came out again. Checked everything and changed the cable and plug for a cable with a plug from screwfix. I also got an electrician to change the outside double socket as the original failed the 3 pin tester test. This time it went for about 6 weeks until it started again. It blew the fuse a few times until we had the fuse like in the picture. I have since cut the cable and fitted another plug. The company said they will contact the hot tub control systems company for advice. In the mean time I just want to know if it’s likely to be our electrics that’s causing this? Many thanks in advance.

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  3. flameport


    10 Mar 2007
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    Poole, Dorset
    United Kingdom
    The tub is using more than 13A, causing the fuse and other parts to overheat.

    Likely it's really a 16A tub that some incompetent supplier has just shoved a 13A plug onto and hoped it will work.

    Suggest you get someone such as an electrician to measure the current while the tub is in use.
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