Plumbing Dishwasher and Washing Machine Wastes Together

26 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
Was in Homebase tonight, and they sold 'Tees' (actually more of a through pipe with another one coming in as a side-entry) to plumb washing machine and dishwasher wastes together.

Current arrangement is that my washing machine comes out in a flexi hose which then feeds into a vertical pipe that comes out of the ground. Presumably this tee fits onto this pipe and then the two wastes attach to it, but I am not sure exactly how.

Do I sit this tee on the top of the existing pipe and then thread the w/m waste down through it, allowing the dishwasher water to run round the outside of the washign machine flexi, or do I have to cut the vertical pipe off near the bottom, add the tee and then fix both w/m and dishwasher flexis onto it ?

Is there any danger of the w/m and dishwasher sending too much water down the pipe if they drain simultaneously ?
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I think you've got the wrong idea about this "t" fitting. It sounds like what would be fitted between a sink waste outlet and trap to take a hose connection.

You could try just putting both waste hoses into the standpipe. you would have to do a test run to see if the waste could take both discharges simultaneously. If not, you might need a separate standpipe for the second waste hose.

I think there is a 2 way adaptor available to fit on the top of standpipes, probably made by McAlpine . Try V33WM, but you may find it difficult to find.
Ah yes - thinking about it you're probably right. Dishwasher OR Washing Machine, rather than AND. Had a three-year old with me when I was trying to read the back of the pack........
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Sorry - got a new baby as well so time on t'web is snatched as and when I can get it. Dishwasher waste is currently plumbed inton the sink waste through a spigot, but keeps bubbling up into the sink even though I am almost 100% certain there is no blockage, which is why I want to move it completely to the w/m waste instead.

Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on McAlpine but will keep looking. Thanks for the pointer !!

Incidentally, what would happen if I used something like the WM11, but without the U-bend at the bottom, and the top blanked off, and put it straight onto the vertical pipe ??

EDIT: Just to prove my point that I'm not getting time to read these things properly - V33WM - Exactly what I need. Thanks once again for your help......
If using the V33WM fitting, how would the w/m pipe connect to it? Mine just has 2 rubber flaps that simply sits inside the standpipe.

Also, that fitting looks to have a sealed top - I thought the idea of having a standpipe was that its vented?if the pipes are connected to this would it make it air-tight?

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