Pneumatic flush problems

15 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
Anyone know how these pneumatic flush cisterns are activated?

I bought a Conceala 2 cistern from the internet and a Gerberit pneumatic flush button.

I can't get the cistern to flush!

I've opened it up and I'm not sure whether I am supposed to put a hole in the bellows so that the chamber fills with air and depresses the flush or whether the bellows are supposed to inflate and physically depress the flush.

Here are some pictures

It's a dual flush cistern, the bellow on the left i have removed to photograph it but if i push that white button with my finger the cistern flushes.

This bellow has no hole in the centre, is this supposed to be the case? If so then I guess the bellow is supposed to inflate and depress the button.
If it should have a hole in it then i guess the air enters the chamber and depresses the button and the bellow then acts as a 'washer' to prevent the escape of air in other directions.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

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Okay it would seem that it does flush by inflating the bellows and pushing down the flush button but it requires **** load of force to push the gerberit button fully which is required to activate the flush.

Is something wrong? Surely it should not require so much force to activate?

My girlfriend can't actually push the gerberit button in far enough to activate the flush so there's no way any child user could flush the toilet.

What are my options? Is the cistern defective? With the pneumatic tubing not attached the gerberit button requires minimal force to push in.
I would imagine that you need the conceala 2 flush button. The Geberit one may not be compatible. Either that or you've been sold a pup.
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I believe your problem will be caused by the flexible push-on tube(s) being kinked. This a real pain and if anyone knows of a push-on elbow I'd like to know about tit.

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