25 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
Why not let everyone have a go, at whatever, or whoever you want:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I once f***ed off
Why don't you? :LOL:

Roses are red, Violets are Blue,
Himmagins now Wannabe,
What can we do.

If everyone smiled, and was nice to each other
The world would be better, and we'd all be smarter.

But the Sun always rises, and we argue on
Time for reflection, before we are gone,

There was an old doggit from Kent
who's youth was wastefully spent.
Now he's on par with the RWR
and his mind is all twisted and bent.

There was an old tranny from Surrey
who thought it was frightfully funny,
but without his bra friend he couldn't defend
his lies, and now he's in slurry.

There was a little Portuguese elfi
who couldn't decide for his selfie
Whether he was racist
or maybe he's fascist
So he sought the opinion of the riff-raffi.

There are a load of DIY guys on the net, that have never actually met
I bet you a quid, that if they did
They would bitch and moan, until they went home
They should really have a punch up, while I eat my lunch up
Those crazy guys on the net.

Wahabi can sometimes amuse
He keeps all his brains in his shoes
When asked why that was
He replied it's because
Can you post a link to support your baseless accusations?

I enjoyed baiting Crybabbe for a while - oh it always did raise smile.
But it soon got a bit mundane, eventually causing me to refrain.
You see, her limited mental dexterity and frequent low quality response,
Sadly, created no hilarity - and she came across as a bit of a nonce.

With no nouse to give an original reply (or plagiarize something witty on the sly)
Which would have been easy to do, if she only just copied something from Google, Bing or Yahoo.
This really was most odd, for if there is one thing at which she is good
(No, not pleasuring men it seems), but copying stuff in reams.

Yes, this was such of a shock - considering her skill on the venerable Xerox.
One copy or two? A4, A3 or A2?
With mention of condensation and dampness, forum members she tried to impress.
But her tales of relative humidity were soon replaced by humble humility!

Dew points, salts and moisture, always just seemed to confuse her.
So off to Google she would look - and come back with someone else's book!
So reluctantly (for my own sanity), I had to mute her verbal banality.

And my final message to Wannabe, is that you will never ever be funny.
But despite trying as you might, better remember the rules of Copyright.
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