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10 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Got one of these last year and I have stupidly lost the key. The seller is sending me a new lock and 2 sets of keys but I obviously need to get this opened in order to fit the new lock. Any ideas of ho I would go about it? Thanks in advance


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It looks like a lever lock. Unlike cylinder locks, and especially Eurocylinders, these are not childs play to open. Have you got a photo of an example key?

@pcaouolte might be right.

If you can find a photo of the inside of the door showing the lock, and any makers name or marks on the key, it may spark ideas.

This is the sort of question that reminds me why I have a lever lock (detainer lock actually) on my house doors.

Is the back/bottom of the box by any chance held on with screws?
Don't worry, you’ve missed the last collection anway ;)
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Oh good. The one in your pic is for a rubbishly lock, suitable only for a bathroom and very insecure, that might only have around 30 variations. The one in your pic is for a 2-lever Union lock.
I suggest that you wait for the new lock and keys to arrive, try the new key in the old lock and, if it doesn't work, post pictures of the new lock and a new key here. It will be easier to work out how to open it when we know exactly which type of lock and key it is.
This is the correct lock and keys:

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If it has a genuine Chubb lock fitted you will need to take it to a real locksmith, or perhaps find a local Locksport group.

That would have been expensive.

If however it is a modern Chinese aluminium replica, it will not be so good. Test it with a magnet.
It looks like a replica but they are usually steel with a decorative cast iron bit on the front. It isn't going to have a genuine Chubb lock.
Neighbour had one of like that and had mail stolen. They follow postman and fish it out. Then the trouble starts

Re getting it open. Watch the lock picking videos on YouTube
It’s definitely a cheapo lock it was £120 so the guy would probably be making a loss if he was including expensive locks. I’m not worried about security as there is a ring doorbell on the door beside it. I’ll wait and see if a new key does it otherwise will get a locksmith. Thanks for the replies.
If you have any pics from the vendor, showing the inside, or the door open, that may show if it can be cut.

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