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22 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi there

I've just moved to a new house which has a Potterton Profile 40e boiler. All seems to be working OK but if I want to switch the hot water on I need to select '0' on the dial and the boiler fires up. If I then move the dial to past 2 in order to get hotter water, the boiler turns off. Any ideas what's going on and what I need to do?

Apologies if this is a daft question but this is the first house I've had with central heating, boiler,etc.

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Not a daft question, it sounds like something may be wrong. Water possibly not getting round the system as it should, so the boiler reaches temperature very quickly and shuts off. Is the hot water not getting as hot as you expect?

If so, have a look for any motorised valves (usually to be found in the airing cupboard near the cylinder), may be one with 3 pipes in a 'T' arrangement or a pair with a pipe in and out. You'll need to trace the pipe (if a 3 way valve) or the valve with the pipe connecting to the side of the cylinder about half way up.
A Profile might still have Gravity HW. If circulation is slow, it could take a while for the hot water to circulate out of the exchanger. The big iron exchanger takes a while to heat up and cool down.

Can you photograph the pipes around and between the boiler, pump and cylinder? //www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=129539

does the boiler make singing or banging noises as it gets hot?

how hot is the tapwater?

is there a timer or programmer to turn the hot water and CH on and off? It sounds as if you are doing it manually.

The knob you turn, is it at the bottom front of the boiler?

If you bleed the highest radiator in the house, does water squirt out vigorously?
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If the boiler is firing up with the thermostat on 0 the thermostat will be goosed.
Could be the circulating pump failed.

I had a similar boiler and similar problem. I thought it was the valve and changed that only to find the same problem persisted. It was the pump.
Ask yourself, If I have to turn the stat to OFF for it to work, would it not indicate a faulty stat? I agree with Picasso's thoughts on this.
haha some of the answers here are absurd..The stat is turned to 0 and it fires up thats "zero" ie nothing ie should not fire...think about that a while :LOL:

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