Potterton promax 24 HE boiler

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i have just recently moved house and fitted is a promax 24he.The problem i am having is with the fan,sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont.
I had a look and it seems that the fan will only start when it stops in a certain position.When it wont start if you give it a little spin it works fine.when turned off and then on again its 50 50 if it will start again.
Any ideas,is it the control pcb or the fan itself. :confused:
I assume this is a variable speed fan with electronic control?

Could water have entered the boiler through a badly installed flue and damaged the fan circuit?

Check the bearings on the fan. Are there signs of roughness or excessive play? Are the electrical connections sound? When the fan is running, does it seem a bit feeble? Is there a smell of burning from fan windings? Chances are you need a new fan :( .
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hello and thanks for the feedback.
there does not seem to be any water marks or stains on the pcb on the fan.The fan could well be able to run at variable speeds but seems to run at a constant speed.The fan is a 24vdc brushless type and all electrical connections are fine,when the fan is running it sounds in a1 condition.
I think it is a problem with some electronic device but dont know whether it it is on the fan circuit itself or the control board on the boiler.
sorry for not letting you know but i am a electrician so have allready looked for the obvious things.
thanks and look forward to hearing your comments
Bozobro :rolleyes:
My guess is that its the fan control circuit or a winding if it only starts in one position ( or with a little spin ).

I dont know for sure but would have thought that its variable speed in accordance with the modulation of the boiler.

Surely its covered by the warranty ?

Tony Glazier

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