Potterton Puma 80e cutting out after 1.15 minutes.

17 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

First of all let me apologise for this long post but I thought the more information I give the better. This boiler has been in use since 1997 so even a layman like me knows it's long in the tooth and probably ready for retirement!

Over the years it's been serviced and replacement parts fitted. It's had a few tantrums over the years and as you know this was often down to the main PCB which has been replaced several times. (This one is the fourth).

The current issue is this: On start-up it makes that familiar clattering sound coming from the top of the unit, then what I can only describe as a whooshing sound as if it's dealing with air pockets. It makes this racket for about a minute and the lockdown light comes on. I give it a while and press the reset button, it fires up and runs for about 5 minutes before locking out again but not before pushing enough heat into all the radiators. I give it a couple of minutes, press reset again and it runs for between 1:15 and 1:30 and cuts out again after pushing some heat around. I have clocked this many times now and the burn times are quite consistent. Hot water is fine and I could run a shower all day if I wished but (I'd have to dash upstairs before it locks out again), it's just the heating.

Radiators are hot and clear of sludge, they were de-sludged only 10 months ago and they've been done regularly, no cold patches at the bottom of any radiator. With the heating rocker switch switch set to 'Off' it's still trying to run (and will fire up) so I have to let it cool then switch the boiler switch to 'Standby'.

Additional information: New pump and pressure gauge fitted 4 years ago. PCB fitted 3 years ago. Pressure gauge reading just over 1. Radiators bled of air before start-up. Automatic air vent loose. Electrical connection appear to be sound, no evidence of solder fatigue on PCB. No dripping taps. Tried turning Heating Control knob down to no avail. Water is running clear, no soot or sludge.

By the way I must stress I'm not going to attempt any repairs myself as I'm not qualified! I'm going to get an engineer in when I can get hold on one as they're all so busy at this time of year.

Sorry for rattling on! Many thanks.
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