Potterton Suprima 50L. Orange status light flashing....

14 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Firstly a big apology for the ignorance that follows I am pretty clueless at this kind of thing.... Over the last few days I have noticed my flat getting too cold. When I check the boiler it seems to be in a near constant state of a solid mix of all the colours (a bit red a bit green and a bit yellow) that flashes every three seconds. I am getting frustrated that the thermostat isn't kicking in and realising that there should be a call to heat. Looking at the manual it appears this status is either 'ext call for heat' or 'Air proving and ignition' depending on what colour the light actually is!! Sometime it belated realises it should be on and it flashes green and the pilot light kicks in and it gets warm again. Other times I have managed to get it on by turning the temperature from max to off and holding the reset button but I'm never been sure exactly how I've told it come back on. Do you think its on its way out? I'm a bit worried cause my landlady is about 123 years old and I don't want a prolonged period of a freezing flat. Many thanks in advance for any help advice.. ps:- Maybe I shouldn't be worried if there is no obvious red light flashing??
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