Power a 12v cigar style socket from towing electric socket?

20 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I have an Isuzu DMax pickup - it has 13 pin towbar electrics fitted.

When away on holiday and not towing - I have a need to power a hybrid 240v/12v fridge in the bed of the car.
For 12v it gets its power via a cigar lighter style plug.

I cant extend and fit a socket into the bed - as my car is an EX/II vehicle and I cant have wiring in the back at work.

Can I make up a cable using a 13 pin plug, trailer cable and a 12v socket to use as an extension lead of sorts, and use my trailer electric s socket to power the fridge?

If I can - getting the parts is easy - but what needs connecting to what out of the 12 wires and pins available.....


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You can get your power from either pin 9 (continuous live) or pin 10 (switched live via the ignition) and the earth return from pin 11 or 13.
Your cable would have to double back on itself to reenter the back of the car though.
John :)
Thanks John,

Sounds easy enough, I guess I wont need 12 core cable, but it will be handy if I can find twin core - or anything less expensive than 12 core in 2.5 mm.
As long as it is thick enough to fill up the grommet in the plug so staying watertight.

After the cable is plugged into the towbar socket it will just lead up and into the back through the side of the tailgate, they're not the tightest fitting things - plenty of room to get the cable in one side.
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