Looking for 12v plug and socket

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The ones you pictured are Known as superseal connectors and a pita to use to be honest.
Cant remember if you also need a removal tool to get the connectors out.
Years ago, when caravanning off grid, I used to work with two batteries for the caravan - one in the boot of the car on charge, the other in use in the caravan. In the boot, I had a cheap, mains, three pin 5a in-line flex plug socket. on the battery I had a plug, with crock clips. Providing I got the crock clips on the the correct battery terminals, as the 3 pin mains plugs were polarised, to wrong connections were possible.

[EDIT] This type of thing - https://cpc.farnell.com/permaplug/nc10-3-white/3-pin-in-line-white/dp/PL00914?st=in line connectors
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That would do.
I've already bought the mcprinter ones, thanks.
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