Pressure Reducing Valves

10 Oct 2009
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
on a job today the guy asked me if i knew why his water pressure has gone really low. he had a Pressure Reducing Valve fitted 2 years ago to solve a problem of 'high' pressure where an auto pressure relief valve attached to a under sink unvented water heater was continually passing.

i turned off a Ball-o-fix valve opened up the gauge port ( releasing pressure left in pipe work) tightened all back up and re purged the pipe work. the pressure was restored. later the pressure went low again so i suspect a faulty Pressure Reducing Valve. The question is, should a Pressure Reducing Valve be required any way? What pressure range should i expect and what pressure should a auto PRv pass?
looking at other water heaters it seems 10bar static 6 bar working minimum 1.4 is normal so i cant see why a Pressure Reducing Valve would be required any way so suspect a faulty auto relief vale as well. any one got any experience with these valves? cheers
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