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i would say reliable + not exspensive = bargain .... i dont want the best printer out just something decent,good value for money...
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Laser jet printer are reliable, I shall be getting one next time round and maybe keep the old printer for colour when needed.

The laser jet printer black cartridge seems to last a long time and work out cheaper. Our one at work has been abuse by most people kicking it, thumping it (not mind, don't care attitude) has never broken down yet. It's nearly seven years old and I has 3 printer in seven years.
I agree with masona. Ink cartridges are a constant source of trouble with blocked nozzles and, although the printers are cheap, the ink costs a lot more than toner. Laserjets are best. I would add one proviso; avoid those with vertical paper trays. These are notorious for swallowing all the paper at once.
If you are looking for a low priced colour laser printer then I would recommend the Samsung CLP500.
nstreet said:
If you are looking for a low priced colour laser printer then I would recommend the Samsung CLP500.
Does it have 2 toner, one for black & one for colour or one toner does black & colour together?
Good question there from Masona and not as trivial as it might seem. You need all three colours overlaid to make black - unless you have a separate black cartridge. Since most of your printing is likely to be black that extra cartridge can save a lot of money.

This rule applies to inkjets too. Avoid anything that only takes a three colour cartridge.
I have a HP deskjet 890C Pro Series inkjet, bought several years ago, current cartridges have been in for 18 months now, still work fine on demand. (carts are expensive tho, single black and a tri-colour)
Also bought a Samsung laser (not colour) ML-1210 USB connect, 2.5 yrs ago for £120 in a sale, I guess it has been superceded now etc, but works excellently .. original cartridge, just did 12 a4 B&W prints from scans -- really pleased with the quality ... lovely rich black text and no curled up paper !!
In answer to Masona's question, the Samsung CLP500 has four individual toner units, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
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