Putting AGM (gel lead acid)batteries together in case/box.

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I hope this comes under a general electrics question!
I am building a small motorbike for my young son to ride around a paddock and the motor is 48v. I am going to power the motor with four 12v 15ah AGM batteries but space is fairly tight. I want to put the batteries together in series to create 48v but need to know if I can butt these batteries up against each other with no space in between or do they need padding between them. I am hoping the first is ok.
I have tried various electric bike forums but had no advice.
Thanks in advance
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The batteries in interruptible power supplies are normally stuck side by side by using just a foam pad. These things are often rated to discharge the batteries in 5-10 minutes at full rated load
If they are not going to get warm when powering the bike or during re-charging then they can be butted up against each other.
Wouldn't some kind of padding to prevent them rubbing against each other be advisable? This is an off-road vehicle...

I've butted up such batteries in industrial applications many times without trouble.
Static, mobile, rough service?

The batteries in interruptible power supplies are normally stuck side by side by using just a foam pad.
And UPSs tend not to get shaken about...
Yeah I've not used them in anything mobile, but if they are clamped tightly, Should be OK? And I guess its not going to be used daily for years to come?
I think you might be surprised by how much firmly clamped down things can vibrate and rub together in off-road vehicles.
Actually no I wouldn't, having been involved in some fairly serious "off roading". But a properly clamped down battery won't move - if it does move then it's not properly clamped down ;)
Even when clamped I'd still be inclined to put a rubber/foam piece between them if they are in something that's going to be knocking around a fair bit.

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