Putting up curtain poles and flat screen TV.

17 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
How do I put up curtain poles if I need to screw into the lintel? Do I just need to get a powerful drill with some masonry bits? Also, its plasterboard, followed by a 1 inch gap, followed by the lintel, or breeze block.

I also want to put my flat-screen TV up on the wall. I have the same issue here in that there's plasterboard, with a gap and then breeze block or brick. I don't think the plasterboard would support the TV, or if it does I wouldn't really trust it!

Any tips?

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you should pass through the plasterboard and gap, and drill into the block behind by about 35mm. I prefer the brown plastic plugs as they are bigger and stronger than red or yellow ones, which are more suitable for lightweight things like toothbrush holders.

If you can go above the lintel, it will be much easier to drill. A reinforced concrete lintel above a window will be at least three inches high. If it is a steel one it may be about seven inches.

Clean out the loose dust from the hole. In your case you will probably not be able to blow or vacuum it out, but a long screw pushed into the hole will rake most of it out.

If you find the plasplug is a loose fit, or you are in a crumbly mortar joint, squirt some no-more-nails or equivalent deep into the hole (start with the nozzle pushed to the back of the hole or you will get an air bubble), then push the plasplug into that and leave it overnight to set. This will prevent the plasplug spinning or coming loose. You can put a long screw a couple of turns into the plug to use as a handle. The screw you use must go at least 30mm into the plasplug and the block (ignore any length that is just in plaster). You will almost certainly have to buy bigger plugs and longer screws than came with the rail.

Do not tighten the screws so much that they start to crush the plasterboard. If the bracket is pressed tightly against the board that will be enough. If there is a big gap behind the plasterboard pack it with filler to prevent the board being pushed in.
TV brackets usually come with their own fixing kit, with hex head screws. You can replace these with rawlbolt type fixings giving you the neccessary depth of fixing.or buy longer screws, bearing in mind what the previous post said about over tightening.
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For tv mount cut out plasterboard to match fixing plate and replace with a sheet timber to bring flush with plasterboard's surface, fix to brickwork and then you have a secure fixing for the mounting plate.

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