Pyronix Dome/Cube camera experiences

30 Sep 2019
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United Kingdom
I'm thinking of installing some pyronix cameras in addition to my existing Enforcer v10. It makes sense to me to install the pyronix cameras as i'm already subscribing to the ProControl+ app.

I have a few questions about the dome and cube cameras. Do the cameras continue to record to the SD card if WiFi connection is lost?

Also, can you switch the PIR function off on the indoor cube cameras?

Anything else i should look out for?
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Re: SD card recording - yes it does, that's the whole idea. Having said that, if you ever want to use footage from the SD card - it is a pain to extract. Some of the footage (in my case at least) was "code-protected" for what I was told was a "security measure". Basically, when you put it into our PC it just shows fragments of the video and you can't really play it back. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to sort it out - no result ... Pyronix was acquired a few years ago by Hikvision and they have since changed a lot in terms of customer support (meaning that it sort of ceased to exist)... fortunately I live 40min away from where their HQ is, so the guys there helped me out. They somehow disabled some of the Edge security protocols on the camera itself and then applied the new setting to the SD card whilst inside the camera.

You also can switch PIR off - though not really sure why would you? It would be pretty useless in the dark.
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Hi Mohigan

I also have a CUBE Pyronix camera and have got a streaming issue. Tried to call their tech support with the similar (no) result.

I am myself from Derby so I could in principle pop in their office and ask them to have a look. They are based in Rotherham ain't they?

My only concern is that I bought mine on e-bay so as not to pay a mental install fee. Although I think they are genuine, I just don't want end up driving all the way to their office to find out that they don't support ebay-bought cams. What's your thoughts?

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Hmmm, this could be an issue actually.

I bought my Pyronix cameras and Hikvision NVR online as well, but from website of an installer company that someone recommended to me (here) and not ebay (i don;t trust ebay).

When I got to the Pyronix office the first thing the asked is where I bought the cameras from, so I showed them the invoice I had. The guy then looked up smth on his PC and only then agreed to help.

I think they might have a register of distributors who can sell their stuff? Anyway, I think it would still be worth giving it a try - may try give them a call first?
was the streaming problem through the ProControl+ app or just when you tried to retrieve the footage from the SD card? @MattTlr
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Hi Rotary (sorry I don't know how to do 'at' thingy)

Yes, it is when I use ProControl+ - it just keeps saying Failed Connection when I try to add a cam. I've managed to set up a Browser live stream so the problem (sort of) solved, but obviously the app connection would be so much handier. That said, any suggestions would be most welcome.

My personal view is that I may have a 'fake' pyronix, since when I looked up some troubleshooting manuals, quite a few things did not match what I had in terms of interface and overall performance. Alternatively, it may be that those manuals were either out of date or too generic for all Pyronix products. Not really sure...

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