Question about my Microsoft Office Word Docs

2 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a good day.

Tomorrow I am wanting to set up my new computer with Windows 8.1. I have Microsoft Offce 2003 documents on this computer. Is Microsoft Office 365 (I think that's right) compatible with Microsoft Office 2003?

Thank you once again.
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When I set up my windows 8.1 I found the standard package will not open old docs I had to download Office (about £100) from Amazon mine is not the 365 version so I can't speak for that but I would imagine it would be the same.

Out of interest why use 365 when you need to renew it each year?

I have the standard windows package and the one payment Office suite admittedly for some commercial functions I understand that has more features but for home use just buy outright.

By the way ignore all the tosh about 8.1, once you get used to it, it's fine lovely fast boot up :D
When I was testing the computer to make sure it worked ok I saw it and wondered if it was the same.

When I got my very first computer I remember Microsoft Office disk came with the computer and you just installed it.
I think they try to hook you on the annual subscription with an installed app if they can, look into it first before signing up
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I don't know if you have already considered or looked into using a different office suite but if not, it could be worth doing so.

I was using Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 on my previous computer with Windows 8.1 installed. When I got my new computer (Windows 8.1 installed on this one too), I didn't install MS Office on it but installed Libre Office instead. I haven't come across any Microsoft documents/files it can't open yet.

Some people prefer Open Office to Libre Office. Either are good free alternatives to Microsoft Office.
I use office 2010 at work and open office at home.

Open office does everything I need for free.

This new idea of ocffice360 is awful IMO, paying that much for only 12 months use :(

I wonder if the one on sale at Asda comes with a disk?
I think I might go for Libre Office. All I want to be able to do is access my documents without having to spend money. So there's another problem sorted. Thanks everybody.
On another topic I have been watching Youtube videos on Windows 8.1 and have decided to install the classic shell so I get my Start menu back. I always want the computer to boot to desktop so will configure it to do that as well.

Will probably be setting it up tomorrow instead. Going out to dinner very soon.
Another question. Say I either install Libre Office or Open Office. I want to send an email with an attachment say a letter. I have done it in one of the two above. The person I am sending it to has Microsoft Office on their computer. Will they still be able to open the letter, edit it, save it etc?

both Libre and Open Office (Libre office is a fork of Open Office after the main coders didn't like the direction the new owners were intending to take and so left and created a fork) Default save option is ODF (Open Document Format) which Word should be able to read.

If you are that unsure you can alter the save format into .Doc
I also have LibreOffice. I got it some time ago in order to open and edit some old files I created in Lotus WordPro which, I think, is no longer available. Needless to say, MS Word will not do that.

And, of course, it was free!
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