Radiator not heating up

21 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom

Since moving in 1 radiator upstairs just won't heat. I drained the system to remove a radiator yesterday then bled all radiators 3 times. All are ok except this original problem radiator. It was warm at the bottom then once I started to bleed it, it went cold! Despite there being 1.4 bar in the system when I release the bleed valve no air or water comes out of this radiator. Even though the heating is on the pipes either side of the radiator are stone cold. Thanks for any help
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If you aren't getting any pressure to the radiator then either the valves aren't open or the supply pipework is blocked.

What type of boiler is it? Is it a combi?
What happened when you started to bleed it, did you get any air?
If no air comes out when you try to bleed the rad, then you clearly have a blocked pipe, or a TRV stuck closed.
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Thanks to all for your advice. Once I refilled the combi this rad was hot at the bottom so I thought problem solved. However, once I started to bleed it it went cold, as did each pipe. Every rad is hot except this 1. I've taken trv off and pushed the pin down but to no avail, can't understand why the pipes each side are cold. Previously, I've turned all rads off except the dodgy 1, yet still it won't heat or even pipes each side warm?? If it didn't warm the other day I'd say it wasn't connected to the supply!!
Can you open the bleed vent fully, or the blanking side, to ascertain if it does anything?
Take the rad outside and flush it.
Connect the two valves with some barrier pipe and leave it for a few days.
You will A be manually cleaning the rad and B giving the system any chance of clearing blockage in flow and return to the rad.
I should have done that when the system was drained, just refilled it and added inhibitor.
###UPDATE### Well finally found a plumber who would come and have a look. Drained the radiator, he then changed the TRV valve as he thought it might be blocked - still not heating up so he now thinks there might be a blockage in the pipe leading to the valve further down the pipe that leads to this rad - as that involves taking up the floor it can stay blocked! Strange thing is tho that when I tried to bleed the rad a bit later - there was water coming out which he said is coming from the lockshield side pipe. When the valve was removed to check for water there was no water coming out of the pipe, but the heating was off so would this mean no pressure in that pipe?? Just wondering if the heating should have been turned on so pressure was coming through?

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