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Radiators Cutting out / water noise

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by Martina12, 5 Feb 2019.

  1. Martina12


    5 Feb 2019
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    United Kingdom
    I would like help with the house radiators please.

    * Vibration noise
    My radiator (I live in a shared property so am only aware of my own) has been making a low level constant noise that wakes me up and disturbs me during the day, even if I am watching TV. I hear that valves letting the water in make some light noise, but this is excessively loud at times. I did not hear this noise at all in previous addresses.
    This is made worse because I have sound sensitivity and am a light sleeper. My mental health has declined due to this irritant and had been happening since about October.
    I think it is coming from the valve. The valve was replaced, radiators drained, and still the issue remains. I do not know what valve it is or how they were drained (if there needs to be a methodical process), because the engineer deals with this and I have no clue.
    Could it be a cheaper valve means it is much more noisy, I read it may be that? Sometimes it is louder than others, and this is not 'just' my noise sensitivity making it seem this way. It often disappears or lessens when I turn the valve down, and gets louder when turned up. But shortly gets loud again if I do turn it down, or sometimes it still sounds noisy so am just as fustrated because I had hoped that would alleviate my distress. In any case, I can't keep turning it down. Nor getting up to turn it down, due to poor health.
    I turned it to 0 off (not snowflake) once at night as it was too loud and it affects my sleep (made worse because I have ME!). The noise was still present an hour later. I woke in the night maybe 2 hours later if I recall, and it was still loud. In the morning I then of course had to turn it up because it was so cold. Why was it still noisy so long after turning it off? When you turn a valve off, shouldn't it stop the flow of water (therefore noise) within a minute?

    * Cutting out
    The radiators keep cutting out in the house all day long. I only know about downstairs as I live in shared accommodation. For example, one will be hot, while another is getting cold or cold, or 2 will be hot and another cold. They are all on hot on the valve. They may be on say 5 and not be that warm either. Other times on 3 and are cold as if they are on 2 or 1. Generally I have left them all at 6 as they cut out so I want the heat whilst I can. The boiler dial thermostat is either on hot or mid way, so that doesn't make a difference in the theory that it's cutting out because it's getting too hot. Currently the heating is on all day and night, only the valves are adjusted. It's like the heating can't get to all the radiators, so it picks one to get hot, then moves onto the next...
    Engineer checked boiler as fine so don't know where to go from here. They tried draining the radiator again while they were on. Just randomly checking them. The professional has not seen the issue as when he has been over the radiators are working. Only friends have noticed. It is annoying as it cuts out when it is cold in the room, or when I need it hot to dry washing and they dry smelling, and there is nothing I can do.

    * Boiler noise whining and hissing
    I do not know why the following is happening either, and not sure if this has anything to do with the above problems so I'll mention it;
    Boiler making noises, vibrated hard, and water spurted out the top. Boiler making some noise days after this occurred as well. I was told that the cold weather had blocked something in the boiler to allow the air inside to escape out the top and that the pressure built up. I was told if this happens to pour boiling water on the grill vent at ground level outside where the pipe must be.

    The other day one radiator was making a high pitch whine by its valve. At the same time the same sound (but louder) was occurring outside at a vent in the wall up high (at the same height as the top of the boiler). I presume this is a pipe that runs to the boiler.
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    3 Sep 2019
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