Raising Loft Boards. New battens ON TOP of ceiling binders?

17 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
Cannot find specific answer to this.
Re-boarding/relaying the loft with 18mm T&G chip after additional 200mm insulation laid.
Existing battens are 3"x2". Running at right angles to battens are ceiling binders also 3"x2" These enclose or border the area I wish to board. These ceiling binders are 1.68m apart

I have stock of 3x2 for the project. If I mount this on the existing battens (at 90deg), the lift is only 3". Not sufficient depth for the insulation. But from top of ceiling binders, i would be raising the floor a net 6" which is adequate.

My logic is that the load is still well spread in terms of the battens beneath. And i would space them at the recommended 400mm (or is it 600mm).

Question: Is there any reason at all why i cannot put my new battens on top of binders to support my boards?

All other post refer to variations on mounting more timber on the cross battens.

NB. Loft is 8m long and is purely for typical loft storage.

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Usually no problem, but remember that the new joists and, particulaly, the chipboard will be extra weight on the ceiling. Might be worth giving additional support to the binders, such as some timber hangers from the purlins. Be sensible about what you store up there in terms of weight, and how it is distributed.
Thanks for this tony1851. But would it be fair to say that as those binders sit on the joists anyway, that i would be adding no more stress on the joists than if i had mounted directly on to them. In fact, perhaps less as i am not in direct contact with them.

I would have to place my 3x2 at 400mm intervals anyway for the boards which sounds pretty robust to me.

Note that I had these same boards laid on the joists for the past 5 years before this extra insulation install.

Assuming some others in the forums have these binders, I just couldn't understand why all the solutions were about putting high timbers up to 6x2 across the joists when spanning from these binders seems an easier way of acheiving the height.


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