Rats in drains. Have I stopped them?

23 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I was bored and decided to swish the manholes down with the hose. Inside the manholes, the side benching had been used by rats to sit on the sides eating all sorts of 'crap', their droppings being evidence of their presence.

I worked my way down the system back to the manhole by the road (again, loads more droppings on benching) and the clay interceptor/trap rodding cap was missing. I guess the rats were coming through there.

I sourced a rubber cap/bung for soil pipe connections and it fitted the interceptor/trap rodding eye perfectly, my question is, will the rats now 'swim' under the interceptor trap which is full of water to prevent smells or what. Do rats bother to get past water or would they just move on to another source of 'food'. I had visions of the rats going up into the vertical soil pipe and getting in through the WC pan trap and biting my arse :eek:
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the interceptor trap is there to stop them getting in :LOL:

however they will gnaw through rubber
years ago if the rodding cap was missing we used to cement a piece of slate in the eye

easy to break out if needed ;)
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Thanks Kevplumb, I will watch with interest how the little buggers gnawl through the rubber. If they do, slate it be!

The fact about a rat never being more than a few feet away from you rings true. :(
rats arn`t as common as people think we destroyed their native habbitat and they are persucated where they can make nich for them selfs
if you got rats look near walls as they prefare to run along side them rather than open or just get a cat as even they don`t kill them they will stay away from larger hunter my cat has been known to bring in odd have dead ones in know and again but i do live near lodge and few abandoned mill near by

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