Rebuilding chimney stacks, conflicting quotes.

10 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
We have two exterior chimney's which supplied 2 flues for the ground and first floor rooms in our 1930's detached house.

The first floor fireplaces have long since been bricked up and gas fires were installed in the ground floor rooms.

The previous owner decided to remove the chimney stacks so that the top of the chimneys ended just below roof level and then installed stainless steel flues/caps which poke up through the roof tiles.

Safe to say when we moved in and got the gas fires checked out both were condemned as they weren't getting enough ventilation.

We now want to install a Grade 1 gas fire in the front room and have an open fire in the backroom and to do this I understand we'll need to get the chimney stacks rebuilt to the original height. Looking at our nextdoor neighbours this must be 1.5m to 2m maybe more. I'll have a better look when I get home.

I've had two quotes so far for rebuilding of the stacks.

One has quoted for two visits, the first to build the stacks half way up and then the second to finish them off. Due to the height of the chimney stacks.

The second quote has quoted to build the chimney stacks in only one visit.

Obviously the second is significantly cheaper but I just wanted your opinions on which is the right way or are they both perfectly valid.

Thanks in advance
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One visit :confused: would that include the all important lead tray through the inside of the chimney + the flashing outside :confused: Come to that , does the 2 visit ;)
Give us the prices. What were you quoted?
Yes that does include lead flashings and aprons, back gutters, pots, chimneys to be swept and making good. The DPC tray's not mentioned in the quotes but I'm assuming it's included and I will bring it up before commiting to anything.
All work to be done over a period of 7-10 days depending.

It's the brick work that's required to be done in two visits in the first quote but not in the second (That was my understanding anyway). Thats whats got me puzzled.

The chimney stacks look more like 2.5m on second look.
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£2900 in the first
and £2000 in the second

The majority of the difference in price (I'm assumming) being attributed to the cost of removing the scaffolding and then erecting it again on the second visit.
I can't understand this one or two visit thing

The whole job will be done over several days, so its just a case of planning the work so that it starts on one day and finished a week or so later.

It may be that if the stacks are high, then the scaffold will need to be lifted, but that too is just programmed in to avoid a long delay
£2900 in the first
and £2000 in the second

The majority of the difference in price (I'm assumming) being attributed to the cost of removing the scaffolding and then erecting it again on the second visit.

You normally get the scaffold for a month.
Thanks for all the replies.

I think your probably right ^woody^ about the scaffolding needing to be raised when they get to a certain point and that's where the "2 visits" have come from.

Anyway It's put a few things straight in my head and given me a better idea of the questions to ask when I get back to them.

Thanks again
sounds twaddle to me... you need a price for the scaffold, and chimney work including all flashings and trays. it's not a case of one visit or two visits.. it is a matter of doing the job in the required time.
This visit approach wold make me nervous..look elsewhere.

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