Relay carpet before stripping walls lining paper and re-plaster?

10 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
I had carpet laid 3 years ago in one small bed; it was fitted with thick underlay and grippers.
It's thick, fluffy expensive carpet which matches with the rest of first floor.

I have now to strip lining paper from the bedroom walls, remove coving, strip woodchip paper from ceiling and re-plaster walls and ceiling.

I am not sure whether the skirting board are fixed on to lining paper and whether I would need to remove them before removing the lining paper and re-skimming.

I did remove lining paper previously using steam machine which produced quite some dripping water.

My question is should I remove the carpet and the underlay before doing the job above?

On one hand it seems logic to just have floorboards and complete the "heavy job", avoid risk of carpet stain etc. On the other lifting and re-laying both carpet, underlay, grippers seems lots additional work?

See pictures attached.

Many thanks


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I'd lift the carpet and possibly bung a carpet fitter to relay it- although not too hard in a small room especially as it's already sized

Or buy a blue tarp and cover the floor properly

Plastering can make a huge mess if skimming properly. I did a lot of plaster repairs in a couple of rooms with sanded flooring and used tarps on the floor- worked out fine but quite a dry job. Any steam condensate could be coped with by old towels against the skirting
Lifting the carpet is the safer option but your underlay will have been stapled down. Lifting the underlay will probably damage it.

I am not a plasterer, I am a decorator. 95% of the rooms that I work in have carpet. I just use lots of polythene sheets.

When using a steam stripper I let the paper fall on to the poly and then bin the poly and lay more.

You shouldn't get too much steam (turning in to water and then) running down the walls from the steam stripper. Perhaps you are holding the plate in one place for too long. A paper "tiger" will puncture the paper to enable the steam to get behind it without damaging the plaster.

Apropos your skirting. I doubt that it would have been attached after the lining paper, however, it is likely to have a bead of caulk running along the top. You can use a sharp chisel or knife to remove the caulk. You will however need to sand away any excess caulk on the skirting prior to replastering.

Woodchip is a pain to remove. I seldom have to work with it but when I do, I use a sharp paper scraper to knock the chips off (to help the steam penetrate the paper). It is very dusty though, wear a mask.

Although i have recommended poly dust sheets, I would also recommend buying some cheap "tarps" from toolstation. It will cost you an extra fiver but you wont need to worry about step ladders puncturing the poly sheets.

10 quid on throw away flooring protection is much cheaper than paying to have the carpet refitted.

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