Removing floorboard under stud wall?

15 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all - hope this is the right forum for this question!

I'm refitting our bathroom & as the floorboards are in very poor condition, was going to replace with 18mm WBP ply, to be finished with vinyl.

However - there's a stud wall between the bathroom & landing that's a more recent addition, and its sole plate is sitting directly on the floorboards. Frustratingly, it's only about 3/4" over the final floorboard I'll need to remove - but just far enough to prevent access to the nails!

Ideally I'd like to get that floorboard out as then the ply will fit neatly into that side of the room & butt up against the landing floorboards correctly in the doorway. I'm not sure of the best way to do this though!

I could easily lift the outer side of the floorboard, but with the stud wall holding the other edge down it's not going anywhere. It won't slide out, thanks to the nails.

So - a couple of options - firstly, can I cut the nails? I was wondering if a multicutter blade would fit into the gap but probably not - maybe a bare hacksaw blade? I can see that being a right pain. :unsure:

Otherwise it's a question of cutting the floorboard down its length as close as possible to the sole plate - but that won't exactly be easy, either.

Unless I've missed an obvious solution?!

Any advice greatly appreciated! :)

PS In terms of supporting the stud wall, it's perpendicular to the joists so no worries on that front.
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I've had some similar problems - and used a range of methods. From your description - sounds like access is ok and you have just a few nails to remove.

Perhaps snap the very end off a (for metal) hacksaw blade so it slides in - and wear gloves!

Can you access the ends of the boards? You could try using a chisel to split them lengthways? Then just slide them out.

What about using a drill to weaken the boards in between the joists so you can then lever them out like saloon doors!

If there are any strong parts left you can maybe drive screws in then use your wrecking bar to apply additional force?

Good luck! My problem was that some boards have been eaten by woodworm - so had no strength - ended up pulling out 1cm at a time!!
Your floor board will be say 22mm, can you cut them off as neat as possible, support underneath and lay 22mm TG and butt up, then maybe lay some 6mm ply over the top?

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