Renault megane starting problem

I've just read this thread and tried the recommended solution on my Megane which wouldn't start when hot.

I can say that cleaning the TDC sensor is like magic: Took me longer to get the tools out than to fix. The result is amazing, starts first go hot or cold, and I'm sure it runs better.
The advice is spot on, and easy to follow, so thanks to all of you for helping me to solve a problem I would have struggled over.
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That is indeed the TDC sensor. My car wouldn't start in the mornings. I took the sensor out and cleaned and it worked. The next day I had the same problem. I then recall that after cleaning the sensor I used a hair dryer to dry the thing so I warm up the sensor and surprise the car started just fine. It seems that when hot the TDC sensor works perfect. Still I bought a new one and replaced the old one.
Hi to all! Very interesting post. i would like to ask if the coolant temperature sensor is that with the black arrow in the picture ? If thats the sensor how can i take it out without loosing any fluids ? Thanks a lot.

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Hi i bought my gf a x-mas present a 1998 Megane Coupe 1.6 E with 115K on the clock.

Car was very well looked after, full service history, new cam belt, new coil, new tyres etc.

Test drove for several miles was fine, took it home kept it for a week and started every morning was fine.

However i got a new job so i moved the megane one morning and left the headlights on by mistake. So the battery went flat. Called RAC jump started it and it started third time. he said run it for atleast 1 hour which i did. Next morning car is dead again.

AA came and said battery is fine as i bought a new one and they said return it.Car jump started when rolled NOT when they put normal jump leads!

i need HELP ASAP. When i start the car the immobiliser works, the lights work and no problems at all inside i even re-set the immobiliser but when i start the car it does not even turn over! NOTHING just one click and that is it!!!!!

PLEASEEEE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :unsure: :?:

By the way the megane was not my fault my gf loves them i done buy any Euro Crap i stick to good old American, Swedish or Jap cars!