Renault Megane strange clicking noise....

31 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a "P" reg Renault Megane, charged the battery on my car, as it was sitting for a while while i fixed a belt, but now it wont start, the ignition lights come on ok and the battery seems fine, but it wont start, not even on a bump, but when the ignition is on i get a clicking from the passenger side under the bonnet....any ideas?
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By wont start do you mean it wont turn over.
If it is clicking but not turning over it probably not charged enough or the starter motor solenoid is faulty.
Try some jump leads off a car thats running.
The car will not turn over and will not start using another car and jump leads or by pushing it!...the clicking noise comes from a fuse when you turn the key, as soon as you stop trying to start the car (eg, stop turning the key) the clicking any ideas anyone?
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In my experience, chattering relays are usually caused by the battery voltage dropping when the key is turned to start the engine, either because of a dead battery, or a high resistance electrical connection somewhere.

Are all electrical connections clean and tight?

When you replaced the belt, did you remove any earthing straps between the engine and chassis?

I did hear of someone rebuilding an engine, fitting it back in the car and omitting the earth strap. Unfortunately theirs did start, but the only earth connection was through the throttle cable, which overheated and welded itself at full throttle. Switching off the engine had no effect, as the ignition system was back-feeding from the dynamo, so there was his beautiful new engine revving flat out until a rod came through the side of the crankcase :eek: