Renault megane starting problem

31 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a "P" reg Renault Megane, charged the battery on my car, as it was sitting for a while while i fixed a belt, but now it wont start, the ignition lights come on ok and the battery seems fine, but it wont start, not even on a bump, but when the ignition is on i get a clicking from the passenger side under the bonnet....any ideas?
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have you tightened battery connections nice and tight?

are the wires corroded at the connectors?

is the battery DONE?

possible dead cell in battery, there might be enough power to light up dash lights, which are 9 volts, but not enough power to even bump start car!!
Put your headlights on. If they are dim it's the battery.
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possible dead cell in battery, there might be enough power to light up dash lights, which are 9 volts, but not enough power to even bump start car!![/quote]

normally, a dashlight is enough to push/pull a car to start it, i actually towed a car stood for six months, as we got to the scrap, my mate put it in gear and it started, a one off, again.

edit to put a comma in.
Is no power but a clicking noise not sometimes a starter motor problem? Could it maybe be a bit seized with sitting for a while?
It can be the solenoid (starter motor) not actuating fully, but you have to check the battery first.
I had a similar problem with my car after a battery fault and found it to be a blown 5 Amp fuse.
Hi i bought my gf a x-mas present a 1998 Megane Coupe 1.6 E with 115K on the clock.

Car was very well looked after, full service history, new cam belt, new coil, new tyres etc.

Test drove for several miles was fine, took it home kept it for a week and started every morning was fine.

However i got a new job so i moved the megane one morning and left the headlights on by mistake. So the battery went flat. Called RAC jump started it and it started third time. he said run it for atleast 1 hour which i did. Next morning car is dead again.

AA came and said battery is fine as i bought a new one and they said return it.Car jump started when rolled NOT when they put normal jump leads!

i need HELP ASAP. When i start the car the immobiliser works, the lights work and no problems at all inside i even re-set the immobiliser but when i start the car it does not even turn over! NOTHING just one click and that is it!!!!!

PLEASEEEE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way the megane was not my fault my gf loves them i done buy any Euro Crap i stick to good old American, Swedish or Jap cars!
first of all please accept my condolences at buying a renault!
Your better off starting your own thread rather than adding to this one, it does sound as if your battery has failed or you have a drain on the battery that drags it down overnight
gsxrjonny - Check the earth connections to the engine, they have a habit of falling to bits!

dubaimafia - Hijacking is bad, be it planes or threads, start your own :D

Ps - You might have the same problem as Jonny!

PPS - I see dubaimafia has found his shovel and has been digging back to 2007 posts!! You see the `New Topic` button at the top left of the forum? Go hit that and start your own.
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