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9 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, I must say this resource has helped me finish the inside of the house over the last few years- and i`m now moving outside.

I have a dated prefab garage that’s approx 2.3m x 4.5m, most panels are in ok condition bar the front panel over the doors which is spalling, the doors are getting a bit rotten, and its got asbestos cement sheeted roof. Its pretty useless in its size so i`m contemplating pulling it down, widening the slab and getting another garage up that I can work around a car in, circa 3x6m.

I have been put off a brick built garage from some of the quotes i`ve had back, circa 7-9k

I`ve looked at packaged wooden garages but i`m off put by the maintenance, and the fact they are expensive 2k sheds. Also the garage would be close to a hedge and i`m worried by it potentially getting rotten through lack of easy maintenance access.

Prefab garages kind of fit the bill, but they look as ugly as the one I have. Garage is at least in the rear garden and not on show, but it will still offend the eyes from the conservatory.

There are zinc or plastic coated steel garages, after constructing a shed of the same construction I can conclude they are pretty easy to go together, but a lack of stiffness worries me. I tried to get some info from the suppliers on internal bracing and structure, but the info wasn’t forthcoming to a level that i`m not worried. A green zinc coated garage wouldn’t look too bad in a very green garden next to the hedge. 10 year guarantee and circa 1k cost make it the cheap option . i`d guess there are issues with condensation here though and insulating it might be troublesome. Has anyone had any experience of using something similar to a Yardmaster steel garage?

I know I should look at having a brick built garage, but the cost really is off putting. I can get my bricks for free, so ideally i`m looking at getting the footings, slab, walls and relevant piers up. I think I could manage the roof, internal boarding and insulation. I may try again for some more quotes and see if they don’t come to the 6-7k mark.

But what do people think, any pearls of wisdom to share? The only bit of work I could do to help would be to dig the footings around the existing base.

I`ve just looked around my neighbours efforts for inspiration.

One wooden one built from shed panels and self made roof trusses with sheet steel roof, about 3m x 7m. Works well, good size and doesn’t seem to suffer with any damp. Its been up for about ten years and still looks in good condition
Prefab triple garage, ugly as sin but brilliant for what it does, could not see any issue with damp, had a nice pit installed too.
Plastic coated steel, owner wasn’t that impressed by it but it does a job, did mention issue with it being a bit wet in there. Not sure if that was from leakage or condensation.
My own crusty prefab, no issue with damp, just too small to be useful.

Really I only have about 2.5k initial spend to get a structure and base up, I can spare a few hundred a month on getting doors/ roof / internal fit out sorted but i`ll no doubt get it in the ear. Am I dreaming I could get the base and walls done (6x3m- old base is circa 2.3x 4.5m) if I supplied the bricks?

I`m tempted to go zinc coated steel and put the 1.5k into the kit car budget….at the end of the day I cant drive my garage round a track

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Only light footings will be needed for a light a structure as this.
Doesn't need proper footings, but a slab which is laid deeper at the edges and with steel reinforcement should suffice. Add a low 4-5 course block wall and frame it up on this in 4x2. Clad with timber on the accessable sides and plastisol sheets on the naff access side. 6x2 homemade roof trusses and corrugated/ply/osb felt roof. Jobs a good 'un. Timber cladding could be cheapy cheap such as featheredge fencing strips laid horizontally, or proper shiplap. Decking boards make excellent cladding if you can obtain the smooth faced stuff, just need to be planed on edge or run through a table saw to get an overlapping edge.

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