Replacing a noisy float valve in tank

26 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
My in-laws have really noisy pipework when someone turns on a tap or flushes loo upstairs.
I've traced this to the float valve in the cold water tank in the loft, which causes resonance at a certain point as it is closing.

There doesn't look to be any way of adjusting it (I fixed a similar thing in my flat with the WC one by just adjusting it) so I'm looking at trying to replace it.

It has an isolating tap just before it so I can turn the water off. My main concern is that this is very old. House is 1930s in LOndon, and not a lot has been done with it. The valve itself is stiff, so I might easily break it.

I'll be doing this on a weekend when the merchants are closed. Is there anything I need to be aware of (i.e. will a new metric one just fit) ? I'm assuming I will need to replace the whole thing back to the cold water feed, or can the valve bit just be unscrewed and new one screwed back on.

I've done basic plumbing before - is this a job for a DIYer?

Thanks in advance?
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Old pipe fittings had imperial size BSP threads.
Modern metric fittings have - er - Imperial size BSP threads too.
So compatibility shouldn't be a problem.
OK, thanks guys.
When I take the old one off the feed pipe, will the new one just connect straight to it, or will I need to
a) cut the olive off and put a new one one
b) cut the pipe back

If it is b then I'm a bit worred I might end up with pipework too short?
Or will it just slot on where the old one came off?

Sorry, I've not had a chance to have a good look at this so have no idea what the fitting is like. Or is it more like a radiator fitting that you can screw/unscrew as much as you like?

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olive what olive :LOL:

should be a tap connector and fibre washer

if it's an olive (and it has been known)

slap a tad of jet blue on it

your biggest challenge is getting the old one out ;)

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