Noisy Cold Water Storage Tank

13 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I've been living in a property for over 2 years which has a very noisy cold water storage tap.

Flushing the loo, running the cold or hot taps upstairs will produce a loud rumbling, and hissing noise as the water tank fills that can last around 5 minutes.

I've confirmed that it is the water tank by having my better half run the taps/toilet whilst I’ve observed the tank. Manually raising the ball float instantly stops the noise.

We currently have a Part 1 valve installed, which I am assuming is the original one supplied with the property. The tank does not overflow and is otherwise working correctly.

However I would like to shut the thing up!

Should I replace the Part 1 valve with a part 2, or should I use a side entry plastic float such as the fluidmaster floats to quiet the system?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Fit a part 2 if possible a quality one like Pegler brand.
Will a part 2 quiet the system down abit? (I know it will bring it up to regs as well)
Being new, and not worn out, will quieten it.
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Having fitted the new part 2 peglar valve, not much has changed unfortuantly.

I'm unsure if the fluidmasters are acceptable in the cold storage tank, from what I have read online you can only use part 2 valves...
Is there a stopcock adjacent to the tank on the incoming main.

If so its probobly wearing thus needs replacing
You want to go up and listen with a screwdriver. Place the end of the screwdriver on each fitting and the other end on your ear, you will be ale to find if there is one that's noisy and needs replaced. Pipes may also need to be secured if they are loose. Part 2 valve only on the CWSC to stay within regs.

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