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19 Jan 2006
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West Midlands
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I want to replace the fill valve (so that it is more quiet and efficient) and the syphon (more efficient) on our 5 year old toilet. However, there seems to be many options and brands and I am confused as to what would be best.

1. Fill Valve

I've already bought and fitted a Torbeck Compact valve but it doesn't seem to shut the water off fully - there is a continual hissing sound from the valve and a slight dripping of water which results in the cistern overflowing after a few hours.

I've tried the carious regulators but there is no improvement. I will email Opella for some advice but I would be happy to change to another brand if anyone has any recommendations. I have heard the Fluidmaster valves are good but are these supposed to be as quiet and efficient as the torbeck valves?

2. Siphon

I know the Variflush is supposed to be good as you hold the handle down for however much water you want but want something more simple with perhaps a full and partial flush. There are a few duoflush options with a plastic push button (Torbeck again) but they don't feel very solid.

I was thinking about something like the Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 with a dual flush option. Does anyone have experience of this and whether it is any good? I'd also be interested to know if anyone has come across any good alternatives.

Thanks in advance for any advice that can be provided.

Thanks and best wishes,

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Fluidmaster flush valve which is push button and fluidmaster fill valve.
Fills the cistern in seconds very quitely and the flush is adjustable. Dead easy to fit.
Torbecks are prone to grit - if you can bear to take your off and make sure it is clean that will help.

there is also a little needle that has to got through a hole - if yours has been apart there is a chance it might have gone back together wrong.

If you have any damaged or missing bits you may find the makers are very co-operative in sending you a new bit.

Presume you have adjusted the little float so it cuts off the water at the right level? there is supposed to be a delay of a few seconds between lifting the float and the water stopping, as the internal pressure builds up.

Instead of a syphon I like the Flapper valve as it has hardly any moving parts to wear out and go wrong. But it only give a full (and fast) flush, not a small one.
my torbeck doesn't seem to give a small flush, and I had to get a replacement bottom part.
I used a torbeck to replace the fluidmaster as the flapper had shrunk and was letting water out. (don't use bleach in the cistern!)
I wish I'd bought a fluidmaster again now as the torbeck still drips.
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I just fitted a torbeck compact last night and had the same problem you did, my problem was that I had left out the water pressure regulator out, after fitting this it was fine and shut off properly, you should find it comes with two; one for low pressure and one for high pressure systems.
I recently purchased an Opella Castalia Cisterns from Screwfix.
The unit came with a Torbeck compact bottom entry valve pre fitted.
Also prefitted was the Torbeck variflush drop valve.
Pleased that all the innards were already in place I set about mounting it and fitting the necessary water supply pipe work and connecting the cistern to my bowl.
All done, I turned on the water supply. (no leaks found)
The cistern began to fill until it reached the 6 litre water line and as expected it then shut off.
Then I noticed that the water from the cistern was leaking into the bowl. With the water level at the 6 litre mark and the supply valve closed, the water level slowly dropped about one to one and a half centimeters when the float position then opened the supply to top up the cistern again. This 'cycling' is continuous and I suspect not the correct operating sequence.
I noticed that if I gently placed a finger on the top of the blue central tube and applied gentle pressure downwards, the leak into the cistern stopped. Could it be that a valve in this area is not seating correctly?
Before I turn the water off to investigate this possibility I seek your advice. All supplied water filters are in place.

sounds like the fittings at the bottom of the cistern are not tightly seated. Remove, clean, refit carefully, tighten the plastic nuts properly.
Thank you for that speedy response John.
Since posting my question I have talked directly with the manufacturer's
engineer. He listened attentively to the problem and suggested the most likely problems and solutions.
With his advice and the product booklet I managed to dismantle the valve and have a good look around it. No obvious fault jumped out at me but for some reason I suspected the positioning of the moulded rubber seal which if it was out of position would give the fault as reported. I removed it and refitted it making sure that the square section fitted neatly into its designed locating groove. This done, I reassembled and tested the system. No leaks and a correctly functioning assembly. Problem solved.

Another issue with Torbeck Compact side entry valve.

After flushing, and then filled, it shuts off, but makes a very loud bang that makes the water pipe shudder. Any ideas why? Didn’t have the problem with the old ball type valve.

I also fitted the bottom entry version in upstairs cistern which works perfectly.

Both cisterns have the Torbeck variflush.

Incidentally, I first fitted the Fluidmaster drop flush with the button operation. Having fitted the unit completely following the instructions carefully, I came to the last instruction which was - now fit the button in the hole that had previously had the handle fitted – The hole was too small!!!! So my advice is, if you buy this, check that the hole in the cistern will take the very large button before you start! :confused:

Screwfix kindly changed the unit for the handle version – brilliant – and would have worked but for the fact that my cistern has a curved edge where the handle fits. This unfortunately means that the linkage sits to one side of the valve – pulling the drop valve sideways. So had to change again, this time for the Tolbeck. I wonder why the same drop valve is supplied with a button that fits into a different size hole to the handle version?

Don’t forget to buy a new ‘doughnut’ washer if your toilet is close coupled, and fit it the right way up! i.e. flat side down. (does not come with that info from screwfix)

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