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Restoring old drop leaf table

Discussion in 'Wood / Woodwork / Carpentry' started by coggy, 30 Mar 2004.

  1. coggy

    15 Jan 2004
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    United Kingdom
    I am after some advice / ideas for the following project. The wife got an old oak drop leaf table and 4 chairs today from a oxfam type shop. We have it delivered on Thursday but i saw it today and to tell you the truth i did not like it that much but the boss loves it and wants it for a dinning table.

    She is going to put new covers on the seats and wants me to clean up the table chairs etc. I am a joiner but have no ideas about finishes etc as where i used to work we had a french polishers shop who did all the work so have no experience at all.

    Like i said the table/chairs are oak and it looks like there is a darkish stain on it which is worn in places and quite thick in others. I thought about sanding it down a little but im worried that it will be really light in places and not in others, i don't fancy completely stripping it.

    Can you experts give any advice on how i can make it look ok without stripping it and do you think i could restain it and then add a finish. Any advice would be great please post your thoughts and the exact name of any products you recommend and techniques

    Many thanks

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